It’s the sound of metal hitting the gym floor. Pounding of the sneakers on tarmac or the rattle of steel as it carves on morning ice. Heartbeat. Rhythm that marches us forward. One goal at a time. One beat at a time.


In 2014 three Finnish guys, Tuomas with a long wrestling background, Jonne who spends his nights at the gym and Matti who can be found on the golf court, had a similar awakening. They understood how hard it is to combine demanding job, exercise and healthy diet. They wanted to do something about it. These three guys decided to start a business that offers high quality and tasty snacks for people with an active lifestyle. At the same they hoped that they’re able to offer products for top athletes.

An idea was born and hard work started. It was the spring of 2014. The first PULS products were introduced to the public at the beginning of 2015. Protein bars set the tone for what was about to come. In early 2016 PULS took a big step forward to become a full service protein provider. Shots, cookies and wafers were introduced.

We at PULS challenge the consensus and create exciting new products for active people. We develop, grow, and create new. We are responsible and respect each other, our stakeholders and our customers. Smiling while working hard.


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